Available Global GOCE Gravity Models

Product Description
EGM_GOC_2 GOCE Gravity solution. Solutions are available up to Third Generation, with three different processing techniques: direct numerical solution, time-wise and space-wise solutions.
EGM_GVC_2 Variance/covariance matrices associated to the Gravity solutions. Available only through the Virtual Online Archive.
EGM_GCF_2 Gravity Coefficients (ICGEM format)

Available L1b and L2 GOCE single Products

Instrument Level Product Description
EGG L1b EGG_NOM_1b Nominal Gradiometer Instrument data
L2 EGG_NOM_2 Calibrated and corrected gravity gradients in the gradiometer reference frame
EGG_TRF_2 Calibrated and corrected gravity gradients in the terrestrial reference frame
EGG_QLK_2i Gradiometer error Power Spectral Density estimated from Quick-Look gravity solutions
SST L1b SST_NOM_1b Nominal SSTI Instrument (GPS) data
SST_RIN_1b Nominal SSTI Instrument (GPS) data in RINEX format
L2 SST_PSO_2 Precise Science Orbits
SST_AUX_2 Time variable gravity field due to non-tidal mass variations
STR L1b STR_VC2_1b Star Tracker Data-Virtual Channel #2
STR_VC3_1b Star Tracker Data-Virtual Channel #3
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