Date Changes Reason for change
17/04/2019 Reprocessed thermosphere data uploaded. N/A
15/03/2019 Reprocessed GOCE EGG_NOM_1b data uploaded. N/A
18/02/2019 GOCE TEC and ROTI data uploaded. N/A
09/03/2018 L1 data of the redundant GOCE GPS receiver covering the de-orbiting phase uploaded. N/A
04/05/2017 New version of Gridded Gravity gradients and anomalies at ground level and at satellite height, GO_CONS_GRC_SPW_2__20091101T055226_20131020T033415_0002.TGZ, GO_CONS_GRD_SPW_2__20091101T055226_20131020T033415_0002.TGZ uploaded. N/A
31/01/2017 Updated links to EGG, SSTI and monthly quality reports N/A
14/07/2016 Updated version of GOCE thermosphere data published N/A
21/03/2016 Version 3 of GRIDS at 225km and at 255km released. N/A
25/02/2016 Version 2 of GRIDS at 225km and at 255km released. N/A
14/07/2015 GOCE Full Gravity Gradients and GRIDS released from the GOCE+ GeoExplore Project. N/A
25/02/2015 GOCE gridded gravity gradients products based on release 4 data have been released N/A
16/01/2015 Version 0002 of 4th generation Direct Gravity model variance-covariance matrix correctly linked: GO_CONS_EGM_GVC_2__20091101T000000_20120801T060000_0002 now available Corrected link from version 1 to version 2 of the file.
05/09/2014 Version 0002 of 5th generation Direct-wise and Time-wise Gravity model uploaded: GO_CONS_EGM_GOC_2__20091101T000000_20131020T235959_0002 GO_CONS_EGM_GOC_2__20091101T000000_20131021T000000_0002 Wrong latitude system specification corrected.
04/08/2014 Version 0002 of 4th generation Time-wise Gravity model uploaded: GO_CONS_EGM_GOC_2__20091101T000000_20120618T235959_0002 Removed some special characters in the model description.
10/04/2014 De-orbiting Data Collection added De-orbiting data release to users.
04/03/2014 Data Collections reorganized Commissioning data added/moved to a separate page.
23/10/2013 May 2012 SST_PSO_2 archives fixed The 2012 May 01-16 archive GO_CONS_SST_PSO_2G_20120501T235945_20120516T235944_0101.tar was incomplete. May 2012 file list was incorrect.
02/09/2013 Thermospheric Density products added to the Archive. New products from GOCE+ project
09/01/2013 Version 0102 of EGG_NOM_2_ uploaded for July 2011 Old product included in version 0101
07/12/2012 SST_PSO_2_ Jul and Aug 2012 updated (version 0102) Fixes an inconsistency in version 0101 product's header.
28/11/2012 Version 0102 of EGG_TRF_2_ uploaded for October 2010 Old products included in version 0101
09/11/2012 Version 0102 of EGG_NOM_2G uploaded for August and September 2011 Some products reprocessed
02/07/2012 SST_NOM_1b, SST_RIN_1b, STR_VC2/3_1b, SST_PSO_2, SST_AUX_2 updated up to May2012, reprocessed EGG_NOM_1b and EGG_NOM_2 updated up to April 2011 Update to May 2012 (EGG updated up to April 2011)
22/06/2012 Latest EGG_NOM_2_ baseline published Products generated from EGG_NOM_1b reprocessed with v5.06 processor
24/04/2012 Latest EGG_NOM_1b baseline published Products reprocessed with EGG processor v5.06
24/04/2012 New version of VOA New design
04/10/2011 The old SST_PSO_2G data packages: GO_CONS_SST_PSO_2G_20100916T235945_20100920T235944_0001 GO_CONS_SST_PSO_2G_20101004T235945_20101016T235944_0001 replaced with: GO_CONS_SST_PSO_2G_20100916T235945_20101001T235944_0001 GO_CONS_SST_PSO_2G_20101001T235945_20101016T235944_0001 Products covering data gaps included
04/10/2011 Version 0002 of SST_PSO_2G uploaded for September 2010: GO_CONS_SST_PSO_2G_20100902T235945_20100916T235944_0002 Updated products versions included
28/07/2011 Variance-Covariance matrices for the first release of the Direct and Space Wise solutions updated with version #0002: GO_CONS_EGM_GVC_2__20091030T005757_20100111T073815_0002 GO_CONS_EGM_GVC_2__20091101T000000_20100110T235959_0002 Replacing the naming of the TGZ's internal HDR/DBL pair, with a HDR/TAR pair, to ease package unpacking.
14/06/2011 Version 0002 of SST_RIN_1G uploaded for December 2009: GO_CONS_SST_RIN_1G_20091201T000832_20091216T003255 Version 0001 contained products from the 16th to the 31st of December 2009
17/05/2011 SST_AUX_2_ products released SST_AUX_2_ products available to users
23/03/2011 Corrected version of Direct and Time-Wise solution's Gravity Field Models: GO_CONS_EGM_GOC_2__20091101T000000_20100630T235959_0002 GO_CONS_EGM_GOC_2__20091101T000000_20100705T235500_0002 Reprocessed products released
11/03/2011 Corrected version of first-generation Time-Wise solution's Variance-covariance matrices: GO_CONS_EGM_GVC_2__20091101T000000_20100111T000000_0002 Reprocessed products released
04/03/2011 Version 0002 of EGG_NOM_1b uploaded for July 2010 Reprocessed products released
02/03/2011 EGG_NOM_2 uploaded All reprocessed EGG_NOM_2 uploaded in version 0002 (existing packages) and 0001 (new packages)
02/02/2011 Version 0002 of Global Product GO_CONS_EGG_NOM_1G_20091109T001433_20091116T011346 Single product missing: GO_CONS_EGG_NOM_1b__20091111T030518_20091111T043502_0001
02/02/2011 Version 0001 of Global Product published: GO_CONS_EGG_NOM_1G_20091123T004317_20091130T223848 Missing November 30 data from 00:12:53 to 22:38:48
23/12/2010 Version 0002 of EGG_TRF_2 uploaded: GO_CONS_EGG_TRF_2__20091031T000000_20091031T235959 GO_CONS_EGG_TRF_2__20091101T000000_20091130T235959 GO_CONS_EGG_TRF_2__20091201T000000_20091231T235959 Existing 0001 versions were incompatible with releases of XML parser later than (including) v1.1.4, where tag for the radial distance is changed from "Heigth" to "Radius_from_Geocenter"
15/12/2010 Version 0002 of Global Product GO_CONS_EGG_NOM_1G_20100501T010541_20100515T000447 New verions of Single products inserted: GO_CONS_EGG_NOM_1b_20100506T004358_20100506T021342_0002 GO_CONS_EGG_NOM_1b_20100506T021342_20100506T034326_0003
09/10/2010 Version 0002 of Global Product GO_CONS_SST_PSO_2G_20091115T235945_20091130T235944 Single product corrupted: GO_CONS_SST_PSO_2__20091128T235945_20091129T235944_0001